To make your very own DIY Origami East Kilbride Chess Club Directory Booklet, first download Front.pdf and Back.pdf.

Print on both sides of a single A4 page, then cut Front.pdf (top and bottom) just inside the dotted guidelines. Fold down the middle, with the Fixtures List (Back.pdf) on the inside, then zigzag into the booklet shape (see photo below), making sure the title page is on the top, and the Quick Contacts is at the back.


Note: Due to the information changing (for example, a new fixture date), the date of the latest version will always be shown here>18/11/19

18/11/19: Giffnock have a new start time of 7.40 instead of 7.30.

07/11/19: DLA v Paisley A (+KO) Home Th 12/12/19 is now 28/11/19

28/10/19: 29/10/19 DLA v Bearsden A Away is now 03/12/19






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